I'll take rivers in Egypt please, Alex.
  1. â€ĸ
    I thought I was beginning to be okay with the idea that Augie would soon be done breastfeeding.
  2. â€ĸ
    He's growing! He's independent! He's healthy!
  3. â€ĸ
    It was a sometimes bumpy road, but we made it to a year plus, he and I. Quite a journey!
  4. â€ĸ
    And if he was letting me know our time was done, I was feeling ready to respect that.
  5. â€ĸ
    But then tonight.
  6. â€ĸ
    I'm reading to Pete, Genevieve & Vivian, so Justin gave Augie his bath and got him jammied up.
  7. â€ĸ
    Which was great. Until.
  8. â€ĸ
    I come out and Justin says,
  9. â€ĸ
    "Augie's already asleep. I just laid him down. He was tired."
  10. â€ĸ
  11. â€ĸ
  12. â€ĸ
    But! But! But!
  13. â€ĸ
  14. â€ĸ
  15. â€ĸ
    Just now as I'm coming to bed, Augie starts babbling.
  16. â€ĸ
    Rejoice! He does need me! He can't sleep without ME! He is still just a babyyyyy!
  17. â€ĸ
    I hurry and brush my teeth so I can get in there to happily nurse him, just as I've done every night for the last 372 days of his life.
  18. â€ĸ
    Except when I came out,
  19. â€ĸ
    All. Is. Quiet.
  20. â€ĸ
    Sleeping again.
  21. â€ĸ