Clear pattern in camera roll. Yikes @bca321 ?
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    Wine, Positano, Italy
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    Last night in Positano on honeymoon- When I took this I remember thinking this was as good as it ever gets.
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    Apartment Wine, Boston
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    Couch wine is the best wine.
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    Wedding Wine, Durham
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    But no vodka, bc our guests drank it all by 10 pm and the caterers had never seen anything like it 🙈
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    Wine, Asheville NC
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    Day after our wedding.
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    Absinthe, Roma
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    Got rejected from hip club, made our own party, threw up at colosseum!
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    End Of Summer Rose, Nantucket
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    Deep breath before you break out boots, layers, and coats again for 8 months
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    Many Drinks, Random Fridays in Boston
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    Summers in Boston are the best Boston
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    Red Oaks, Figure 8 NC
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    Favorite place, favorite beer, favorite vacation
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    Beach Beers, St John
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    Day drinks in paradise
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    Self timer 💁🏽
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    All the beers, Duke Tailgate
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    🎶if feels like home to me 🎶
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    Wine, Paris
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    Because Paris.
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    And one more couch wine!
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    IPAS, Dumb Boston Sundays
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    🏈🍻🏈🍻🏈🍻 best cure for mr scary
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    Peroni, Positano
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    Books and booze- can you come up with a better afternoon?
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    Did I mention couch wine?
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    💗🙆🏽 favorite human hands down