1. It was 7th grade. It was Fall. It was a Tuesday. I had been "going out" with 👦🏼 since 6th grade.
    Long term relationship people.
  2. Another boy in our grade saved an AIM convo where 👦🏼 said he was going to get to 2nd base with me by Xmas and that he had told all the other boys.
    I was like 🙅🏽 but then 🙍🏽.
  3. What did I do next? Confront him of course!
    Just kidding. We didn't talk- it was Middle School.
  4. I broke up with him between Writing and Spanish.
    There were exactly 4 minutes between periods. It wasn't a long convo.
  5. He yelled "freedom" in front of everyone.
    I cried in the bathroom.
  6. My dad picked me up from school for some reason and asked me a bazillion questions about my day.
    No I don't want to talk about my history project and pre-algebra! Can't you tell I'm heartbroken?!
  7. I went straight to my room to "do my homework"
  8. Instead, I popped in the Pretty Woman soundtrack into my beloved metallic boom box.
  9. It looked like this
    83453048 49c7 4dc9 8400 a2fa6ed30b76
  10. And played "King of wishful thinking" on repeat
    It was the saddest song I could find.
  11. I signed into AIM like I did every night at 8 pm when my parents no longer cared if the phone line was open.
    My screen name was violetgirl40
  12. Saw 👦🏼 online.
    He didn't IM me.
  13. Freaked out, thought I made a huge mistake, cried more
    After all, who was I going to slow dance with at Marks party Friday night?!
  14. JK Had a new "boyfriend" by the weekend!
    💁🏽 that one lasted 4 days.