BDIA 🐶🇺🇸
  1. Look at this puppy.
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    So little!!!
  2. At 80 lbs, he still has that puppy face.
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  3. He loves his gf lamb chop
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  4. He also loves this money named Humphrey
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  5. Tex, so hot right now.
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  6. Super skeptical about snow.
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  7. He thinks snow is water.
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  8. And just generally cannot be bothered by winter.
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    Smart dog.
  9. He refuses to wear boots or a coat.
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    So tough.
  10. He stills loves me when I spill wine on his head.
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  11. This is what he does if you try to stretch on the floor:
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  12. He's embraced Boston.
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  13. Always stalking food
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  14. This is how my husband and him lay nightly
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    No room at the inn.
  15. He thinks he's a human and likes to be tucked in
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  16. I mean look at this nugget
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    So squooshyyyy!!!