This is resembling a Lilith Fair set list from my dreams. Also, looks like I got pretty far! Also, who hurt me?
  1. You Don't Own Me
    Young and free young and free young and free!
  2. It's All Coming Back to Me
    🎶There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light, there were things we'd never do again but then they'd always seemed right.. BABY BABY BABY 🎶
  3. You're So Vain
    Don't you! Don't you!
  4. Remix to Ignition
    Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
  5. Foolish Games
    🎶Well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to seeee 🎶
  6. Who Will Save Your Soul?
    And those lies that you told boy?
  7. Alright fine 'Hands' too
    Or as my husband likes to refer to this series as the boner killing trifecta!
  8. Wildest Dreams
    Mainly so the footage can be played at my funeral to a montage of pics of me looking my hottest 💁🏽
  9. Crazy Bitch
    Also my batter up song!!
  10. Don't Think Twice It's Alright
    🎶 I ain't saying you treated me unkind, you could've done better but I don't mind, you just kind of wasted my precious time 🎶
  11. Africa
    🎶Gonna take a lot to drag me awayyy from youuuu 🎶
  12. Big Girls Don't Cry
    🎶 I hope you know I hope you know, that this has nothing to do with youuu 🎶
  13. Umbrella
    Ella Ella Ella Ella eh eh eh eh eh
  14. Drunk in Love
    I can dream.
  15. Criminal
    🎶what I need is a good defense cause I'm feelin like a criminal🎶
  16. Both Sides Now
    🎶Tears and fears and feeling proud To say I love you right out loudddd🎶
  17. Strawberry Wine
    🎶 I was thirsting for knowledge, and he had a car 🎶 💁🏽🚘
  18. Romeo and Juliet
    🎶julietttt the dice were loaded from the start🎶
  19. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
  20. How Will I Know?
    🎶there's a boyyyyyy I know! 🎶
  21. White Houses
    🎶He's myyyy first mistake 🎶
  22. Two Black Cadillacs
    Classic country song about a husband who cheats and so the wife and mistress team up to kill em! 💁🏽🔫
  23. Save Tonight
    Girl you know I've got to go. Oh. Lord I wish it wasn't so.
  24. Landslide
    🎶 well I've been fraid of changgggginngg bc I built my life around youuuuu 🎶
  25. In The Sun
    🎶If I find, if I find, if I find my own way how much will I find? If I fiiiinnnnnddddd 🎶
  26. Last Kiss
    🎶 holddddd me darling just a little while 🎶
  27. Not Ready to Make Nice
    Still no, W
  28. Behind These Hazel Eyes
    Just thought you were the one!
  29. Angel from Montgomery
    🎶Just give me one thing that I can hold on to 🎶
  30. Use Somebody
    Oohhhhaahohh ohhhaahhhohhhh
  31. On My Own
    Suck it Joey Potter
  32. Grace is Gone
    🎶 scuse me pleaseeee one more drink can ya make it strong so I don't have to think? 🎶
  33. Delicate
    🎶Why'd you'd fill my sorrowssss with the wordsss you borrowwwweed 🎶
  34. I Want it That Way
    Tell me why?
  35. Bobby McGee