1. 1986: Onesies and Diapers
  2. 1987: See Above
  3. 1988: First, First Day of School Dress
    I was ready to LEARN.
  4. 1989: 80s Sweatsuit
    Feat perhaps Popples? Rainbow Bright?
  5. 1990: Mother-Daughter Match Set Dresses
    What is worse, the bowl cut or the corduroy dress?
  6. 1991: Swimsuits and Cover-ups
    Lived at the pool when I learned how to swim and loved our yearly beach trip (as seen here)
  7. 1992: Giant Bows and White Tights
    I'd wear this cape tomorrow
  8. 1993: Ballet Shoes and Leotards
  9. 1994: First Communion Dress
  10. 1995: Unisex Hand-me-down Gap Jeans
    from my brother joe
  11. 1996: Matching Fleeces
    There is nothing older brothers love more than twinning with their sister.
  12. 1997: First Day of School Dress
    From Gap Kids I loved it so much
  13. 1998: Limited Too Everything
    No photos thankfully BUT this is basically the look I was going for
  14. 1999: Delia's Dress for 1st Middle School Dance
    It was sleeveless and I didn't have to wear a cardigan OR tights!!
  15. 2000: Bebe Rhinestone Shirts
    No pic but looks like this
  16. 2001: Seven Jeans and Lacoste Polos
    Literally my daily uniform.
  17. 2002: This Horrible Prom Dress
    Sophomore year - half of us look like extras from Grease 🙈
  18. 2003: My Boyfriends Lax Boathouse Jacket
  19. 2004: Juicy Sweatpants
    Juicy sweatpants that I had to have hemmed by a tailor- thank god no photo available
  20. 2005: Debutante Dress
    I was a deb. It remains my favorite way to shock ppl who know me now in Boston
  21. 2006: Tridelta Gear
  22. 2007: Wrapping Paper Xmas Outfits
    My roommate in Rome did these and they were amazingggg
  23. 2008: Tight Dresses and High Heels
    Favorite year of college living with all my besties and djing all pre games on these red couches
  24. 2009: Graduation Cap
    Graduating in 2009 after the economy died was the worsttttt
  25. 2010: Teacher Appropriate Outfits
    Did TFA in Boston 2009-2011. Wore almost exclusively jcrew pencil skirts
  26. 2011: Snow Boots
    Only to come back with a vengeance in 2015
  27. 2012: Fab Five Halloween Costume
    Visited my besties in NYC at any and every excuse, esp for theme parties/events
  28. 2013: Series of Pre-Wedding Event White Outfits
    This was my pool party shower hosted by my best friends
  29. 2014: Wedding Dress
    Shout out to my girl Monique Lhuillier whom I met at an event, got flusted, and spit out "I love and admire your work!!" 😳
  30. 2015: Culotte and Crop Top Sets
    If it's not a match set, I did not wear it this year.