1. Felice Martin
    Judgmental hypocrite who had extramarital sex in the Color Me Badd hotel.
  2. Pam Scanlon
    Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be kids who play with guns.
  3. Jackie Taylor
    Snorted blow at the high school fashion show, gave her 5 year-old daughter an eating disorder, and yet still an undeniably charming train wreck.
  4. Iris McKay
    She appeared to love crystals more than her son, but she had a lovely accent and great genes.
  5. Sheila Silver
    Can't blame Sheila for being absent from David's life. She struggled with mental illness, and also why would anyone wanna be in close proximity to Mel Silver?
  6. Samantha Sanders
    Not the most engaged and loving mom ever, but at least she played one on TV.
  7. Rose Zuckerman
    Honorary slot for a well-located grandma.
  8. Cindy Walsh