This is a heartfelt rant. I've only worked as a cashier one summer but I have a lot of feelings and a comment was made at a family dinner that I found disrespectful but could not respond to in person. So here we go
  1. I am SO tired of people looking down on food service jobs
  2. NO, it is not just for "starving artists" or actors
    Although it's cool if you are one! I'm an actor and I totally plan on doing more food service work
  3. It's actually a challenging fulfilling job with lots of lessons like:
  4. Customer service: learning to interact with all sorts of people, to be polite in tough circumstances, to come up with ideas and responses quickly
  5. 2 kinds of strength: on your feet for 8 hours and you're still nice to a customer? Even when they have a question? That is what it means to be an upstanding person
    Pun wasn't originally intended but what the hell
  6. Even if you or your waiter views it as a temporary job, let's respect the valuable life experience!
    I honestly think everyone should do some type of service job in their life
  7. And if you do want to be in food service your whole life and actually enjoy it---way to fucking go!! That's awesome
  8. I am constantly running into classist circles who think being a waiter or cashier is "good for now"
  9. But guess what? Just because you and ur friends have some lofty ass career goals that include lots of internships does not mean that it isn't ok to enjoy food service and not want to work somewhere else
  10. This kind of disrespect is why our minimum wage is so low in the first place!
    And oftentimes these salaries are why people scoff or condescend but like I see a pretty clear chicken egg pattern here
  11. In Italy it was so great to see a culture where being a waiter is a respected job
  12. Because it's a hard job! And it's needed! And waiters/cashiers/baristas/bartenders/hosts are literally serving our community!
    With nice food and drinks! Like what could be better?
  13. Bless everyone in the food service industry, THANK YOU for what you do!
  14. 🙏🙌👏