Avoidance is an art form.
  1. Take an unnecessary shower.
    And if I'm feeling real ambitious? I'll spend extra minutes scrubbing the shower 'til it's squeaky clean.
  2. Get suddenly invested in learning a new skill.
    Photoshop. Boiling eggs. Knitting. It doesn't matter - I'll watch a zillion YouTube videos if it means I don't have to do the thing I'm supposed to do.
  3. Bite my fingernails.
    Unfortunately, I procrastinate a lot, so my nails look like hell.
  4. Go "window shopping" online.
    Yeah, my Anthropologie cart has $1200 worth of shit in it that I don't actually intend to buy - what of it?
  5. Make lists. Like this one!
    I just killed 7 minutes. I win.