1. When flip phones are used in ads/ movies/ TV in 2015
  2. Morning talk radio and their general cheer and happiness that early in the morning
  3. When girls post pictures in a black tshirt and you can clearly see your entire bra underneath
  4. When girls wear open back tops/dresses with their clasp bra showing
  5. When everyone in a group is dressed trendy but also exactly the same. I.e. Ten girls wearing fur vests
  6. When girls pose with their hand on another girls stomach... Bitch I'm not pregnant or your girlfriend. Or when girls pose with their hands on their brother or fathers chest.... Yikes.
  7. Facebook Messenger.
  8. When anyone over the age of 12 calls their Dad "Daddy"
  9. When people share pictures and videos of them peeing or bathing on social media. We don't need to share that moment together.
  10. When people continuously put the geofilter of the city they live in. Really? Do you love Athens? Wow, you're in Buckhead that's great, because so is everyone else.
  11. When people take phone calls in the car you're in.
  12. When I read "wife to _________" on social media bios. Is that really the one thing you want people to know about you?
  13. People kicking the back of my chair at the movie theater
  14. Ikea on a weekend