They're alright now, but they looked GOOD before 2000
  1. Rob Lowe
    Rob Lowe was once flawless, and anyone who disputes that is lying to themselves!!!!! Haven't you seen The Outsiders?! St Elmo's Fire?!!!!! (THE EARRING!!! THE SAX!!!!) About Last Night?!!!! This was the most gorgeous human being!!! I don't find him as attractive now though, which is especially strange because I'm super interested in dads and other men roughly 20-30 years my senior. He totally peaked in the 80s - I apologize to Parks and Rec fans everywhere
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio
    He looked so great in Titanic!!!!! I wish he were immortalized at that age or something so that he would look that gorgeous forever!!!! He was like slightly past pre-pubescent, but not fully grown man, and it looked so great on him... What a beautiful human being
  3. River Phoenix
    God rest his beautiful soul - I think this sounds really messed up, but I would've banged him in Stand by Me, and he was like 12!!!!! I felt more comfortable with my lust when watching Running on Empty because at that point he had reached the age of consent
  4. Kiefer Sutherland
    Okay, Kiefer Sutherland looked goooood in the 80s!!!! Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, Young Guns???? Yeah, that's what I thought
  5. Matt Dillon
    He was very hot way back when, but now when I see him in movies, he creeps me out a lot, like I miss him being Dally in The Outsiders
  6. Charlie Sheen
    Listen, Charlie Sheen totally creeps me out now also, but remember him in Ferris Bueller's Day Off??? And Red Dawn??? And Young Guns??? He was a young stud - thanks to @josella for reminding me
  7. Dana Ashbrook
    Absolutely gorgeous in Twin Peaks!!!!! Like sooooo hot, man!!!!!! But not so much anymore... I'm so upset that I was born too late to witness his hotness in real time...