1. Rafael Solano
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    Sometimes he's shady, but, above all else, he's gorgeous! And all he really wants the family he never had, right?
  2. Michael Cordero
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    I feel pretty bad for him because he kind of had his life together before all of the artificial insemination stuff went down. To be honest, I think he and Jane are the best match, even though he lied to her that one time, so he has the potential to do something like that again. He's usually right about things though. Like when he accused Rafael of turning him in, and it was true. Maybe it's because he is a detective and everything.
  3. Rogelio de la Vega
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    Pretty cool as far as dads go. A little self-centered and air-headed at times, but you can tell he really does care about the Villanueva women.
  4. Professor Chavez
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    Seemed like a jerk to begin with, but he's growing on me.
  5. Lachlan
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    Very sketchy dude, but also conniving, and I like that.
  6. Roman Zazo
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    Kind of a criminal... Also dead... But I sorta liked him!