1. Roger Sterling
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    I think Roger is such an under-appreciated character! So much of the comic relief comes from him, and John Slattery's performance is so refreshing! I'm also super attracted to him, not necessarily John Slattery in general, but him in this role. His character development is just SO good - you don't even realize all of his self-discovery until you look back through the seasons, and then you're just in awe. Wow.
  2. Peggy Olson
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    Peggy! Where do I even begin?! She is the epitome of cool! She starts off as Don's lowly secretary, but works her way up the ladder and becomes an invaluable asset. What a multi-faceted character! The show's best relationship is undeniably Peggy and Don - there's just really SOMETHING there, and it gives me chills. Like it was never sexual or romantic or anything like that, but just SO good, like they really KNEW and GOT each other.
  3. Don Draper
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    Mad Men's suave anti-hero. He is just as deserving of the top slot on this list as Roger is, but that would be too predictable. Jon Hamm was the absolute perfect fit for this role. He just plays it so well - he embodies it. Everything Don feels, I feel. Don is also such a well-written and well-developed character. Nearly everyone on this show is.
  4. Joan Holloway
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    I really do love Joan. She's such a bitch, but everyone deserves it. She knows how to get what she wants, and she doesn't let anyone stop her. She and Roger were the best. I totally miss that.
  5. Sally Draper
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    I seriously love Sally. The sass. The clothes. She makes me wish I were a teen in the 60s/70s. And Kiernan Shipka is so good. So good. Even in the earlier seasons, when she was so young, she was so good. She was born to play this role.
  6. Bert Cooper
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    Bert is very interesting and very idiosyncratic. Don't even try to wear shoes into his office. He's like the dad of Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce).
  7. Pete Campbell
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    I really hated Pete in the beginning, but as the seasons progressed, he really started to grow on me. Probably because he improved as a person and grew up a little. He's just such a main component of the show that it's impossible to hate him.