1. Steal My Girl
    So much fun - also Danny DeVito
  2. Night Changes
    I just think this one is really neat
  3. Story of My Life
    So sap
  4. Kiss You
    This one's so hype!
  5. Best Song Ever
    Interesting role play
  6. Perfect
    Black and white, but it's okay because they're really hot right now
  7. Drag Me Down
    Astronauts?? Still hot
  8. One Thing
    This one was pivotal in my teenage development
  9. Live While We're Young
    Brings back summer memories
  10. What Makes You Beautiful
    Still very important to me, not bad for their first
  11. You & I
    The head-changing thing scares me
  12. One Way Or Another
    I guess it's cool how they kinda made this themselves
  13. Little Things
    Wish it weren't black and white
  14. Gotta Be You