Brainstorming while stranded in Batavia
  1. Kayak
    Tonawanda Creek or Downtown possibly
  2. Luke Bryan concert
    September 3rd!
  3. Drive-in
    Without seeing Jurassic world. no thanks.
  4. Actually go on a date
    All summer long we haven't gone on one couple-ish date... Group activities for days
  5. Make dinner
    Haven't done this. Maybe something with Mexican food because that's my specialty... And Andy said we would help (make a mess)
  6. Road tripping
    Idk where we would go but.. The idea seems cool.
  7. Food truck Tuesday once or twice
    Macarollin' and Taffy's calls my name.
  8. WINE
    To the face. In a tour type fashion. Yes please.
  9. Sky bar at least once
    Out at 11 back by 2. Dinner and the club and such
  10. Letchworth
    Hiking! Or the Eternal Flame.
    Pats vs bills or some game in early October.