I call it, procrastination.
  1. Do I love him?
    Like really love him? More than my first love? Less? How can you tell? No one gives you instructions for these things in life
  2. Should I go to the doctors?
    Nah, I'll wait until my side bursts... I don't think it's that serious
  3. I should probably move from the kitchen before I eat something else and groceries are scarce this week
    I have a cucumber and celery. Spinach. And one thing of yogurt....
  4. I have anxiety. But it could be from all the caffeine
  5. I should've skipped class and went to yoga this morning
  6. I need to do laundry
  7. What am I going to say to my manager tomorrow?
    We've known each other for 7 years and communication is still the hardest task to accomplish
  8. Where's my boyfriend?
    Where he at doe
  9. I want a hug, or some kind of affection and to feel like he loves me too.
    I'm a needy bitch
  10. I just choked on my spit. Oh god
  11. Anyone else always look at the clock and realize some kind of repeating number or sequence?
  12. Still choking
  13. I wish I could focus
  14. Graduation seems like an eternity away
  15. My horoscope is off and I don't find it relevant
  16. Oh look it's not raining anymore
  17. Oh look I'm still procrastinating
  18. Time for tumblr.
  19. End rant.