This contributes to why I'm always late for something
  1. Check for texts
    Did he send me something cute to wake up to? Any drunk texts to laugh about? Did I miss anything at all in the past 8 hours?
  2. No texts. None.
    Worst feeling ever.
  3. Snapchat
    Ah yes, this is where I can see what I missed. Usually I check the stories first and then my individual snaps. I did have a few of these this morning.
  4. Facebook
    Usually just annoying birthday notifications of people I don't talk to anymore or forgot existed within my Facebook friends. Or someone wants me to play candy crush for the 20th time. The answer is NEVER.
  5. Time hop
    This is usually my favorite part of the morning. Especially recently because a year ago, I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia for 6 weeks. Time hop is giving me a nice nostalgic walk down memory lane and I'm always excited to see what it comes up with.
  6. Time hop again
    Because if I open it before it gives me the "your time hop is ready" notification, it sends me the notification about 5 seconds after I close it 😑
  7. Instagram
    Depending on how late I went to bed/slept in, there usually isn't much to see until around noon.
  8. Facebook again
    Time to scroll indefinitely down my news feed and get my daily fix of Facebook news, good Elite daily articles, or the occasional Facebook stalk. This second visit to Facebook usually takes the most time out of my morning and creates a cycle:
  9. Weather
    I'll check where I am first, and of course I still have Sydney, Australia saved. And checking the 10 day week ahead is always a must. It's supposed to rain today. 60% chance. Yuck.
  10. Twitter
    This is always a disappointment. Does anyone ever use Twitter anymore?
  11. Daily horoscope
    Second favorite part of my morning routine. Pretty self explanatory. ♎️♎️♎️
  12. Bank account
    Only if I'm in the mood to set the feeling of discouragement and a sad sense of reality for the day. Not working sucks.
  13. List app
    Sorry friends, it's just on my second page and swiping left to get to the rest of my apps doesn't always become a priority. But I realized how much time I waste in the morning so I thought making a list about it was necessary. You're welcome. The end.