A time line of events
  1. •
    5:30 am birthday sex
  2. •
    8:00 am breakfast made by pookie
    🍳🍴🍞 and set the smoke detector off 3 times
  3. •
    8:30-10:00am back to bed
    Because being 22 is exhausting. 😴
  4. •
    11:00 went to the bank and scheduled an oil change
    Adult-ing on your birthday truly shows you're old.
  5. •
    11:30am-12pm aimlessly walked around urban outfitters
    Almost bought not your mother's beach spray and realized that shit was double the price than it was at target.
  6. •
    12:15-12:30pm went to target
    To find the same hair stuff for $4. And mascara on sale as well. Winning.
  7. •
    12:30pm went to my oil change and stayed for 2 hours and dropped $214.02 on my car
    And got to have an awkward encounter with an old friend in person and via Twitter.
  8. •
    3:30pm came home and finally showered and got ready for the birthday celebration for the evening
    It was all about being lazy.
  9. •
    5:30pm left to go to tony walker to buy these fabulous Tom boots for 40% off
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  10. •
    7:30pm dinner at ABV!
    Allen burger venture. Heaven on earth.
  11. •
    9:30pm cake time because the cheesecake wasn't ready
    No worries though, I had the Oreo cheesecake for breakfast this morning.
  12. •
    11:30 bed.
    Food coma called for an early bed time.