1. Brunch at Acropolis on Elmwood.
    Because blue monk only serves brunch on Sunday's and we wanted cucumber vodka bloody Mary's now.
  2. Shopping at the mall
    Surrounded by ugg boots and small children crying and carrying on, we went to the mall. In the middle of a Saturday. Not the smartest plan.
  3. Hit up all the basic bitch stores
    Got some bath bombs at lush, wallflowers at bath and body works, and of course we can't forget the on sale bras at Victoria secret that were a must have. And a shirt that said brunch so hard.
  4. Starbucks
    The limit does not exist for this basic white girl Saturday: we obviously had to stop for some PSL latte non fat decaf deliciousness. And a toasted graham coconut milk as well.
  5. Wegmans
    As if the mall adventure on a Saturday wasn't enough, wegmans would surely do it. Just needed the essentials though: Fiji water and stuff to make mojitos later... Is this when basic becomes thot status?