I'm feelin 22. And fabulous and can't wait to celebrate. Yasss
  2. Improving my relationship
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    Slowly but surely we are getting to our happy place. It's been a long time coming. F u Mercury retrograde
  3. Mercury retrograde in libra ends tomorrow!
    I've been tested, in every relationship aspect I could possibly handle. I've analyzed, I've reviewed and I'm ready to move forward.
  4. Going out this Friday with @kristin
    Because I always tell her no and this week I said yes.
  5. My dresses come in today!!!
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    Thanks forever 21! I was supposed to have these 9 days ago but I understand the risks with free shipping.
  6. Carving pumpkins and fall activities
    We made a to-do list last weekend and I can't wait to start crossing stuff off
  7. Not being afraid to be vulnerable
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    I need to trust myself and my relationship fully so that I'm not holding myself back. I'm my own worse enemy.
  8. Snuggling my cat and sister this weekend
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    I haven't seen kitty in a day and her in 2 months...but guess who I'm more excited to see.