A list of un-classy events
  1. Pack clothes that didn't match or seemed flattering to go out in
    Causing me to wear a short dress with shorts.. Even though it kinda worked.
  2. Eat frozen yogurt, without eating dinner, then pre-gaming
    So many bad choices.
  3. Wearing my part on the opposite side
    Extra volume? More like extra messy.
  4. Pre-gaming too hard
    Trying to match my boyfriends pregame measured by shots of tequila in less than an hour shouldn't be a thing. Power hour to a whole new level.
  5. Taking another shot at the bar
    Because 8 was just not quite enough alcohol to begin with
  6. Using my data to play music for the cab
    Thanks Verizon. I'm aware I'm 2GB over, but I just really need to hear the hills by the weeknd ONE MORE TIME.
  7. Throwing up @ bar
    First time, and hopefully the last. Gross
  8. Being a sloppy couple
    Making out and grinding on my boyfriend like a highschool dance......... Whoops.
  9. Drinking a beer
    I don't even know how I put more alcohol into my body at this point. And remembered stuff.
  10. Waiting outside for Llyods and calling a taxi
    Slurring my speech and hiccups in full swing
  11. Not getting Allentown pizza
    Ugh. So upset.
  12. Getting pissed off at Andy
    Drunk me really didn't appreciate you trying to ruin my outfit, k?
  13. Being sick to my stomach
    From the cab ride home, to all morning long. Barf.