1. Remain calm
    You still can't drive, participate in normal activities and/or do much outside of the house. It's only week 2 but try not to lose your cool just yet.
  2. See your boyfriend for 5 days straight..
    Unfortunately due to the lack of sex that can be had since your insides are still recovering, this takes so creativity and patience like no other. But we did go to the beach and hung out at a pond.. bonus points for no arguments yet!
  3. Make a list (on a list) about what you need to accomplish this summer:
    Anything from oh, I don't know, getting a job to traveling or maybe new recipes to try or concerts to go to. Just ignore the pitiful $40 to your name at the moment.
  4. Color. Color. Color
    I have these fantastic coloring books from @kristin that may be the only thing keeping me sane.
  5. Painting and more arts and crafts
    Because why not? I'm basically on an indefinite vacation off of work. Or house arrest. Whatever
  6. Begin to panic as week 3 approaches..
    What do I do when there's nothing left to color and my creativity left me because I'm so boring? 😐 how much longer can I survive not doing anything at all!?