I guess this is in some kind of order
  1. Woke up, and realized we don't have Wifi.
    Curse you time warner cable
  2. Proceeded to use up the data by checking all of my social media accounts more than once.
    Guarantee we'll be at 75% of data usage in no time.
  3. Ate some peanut butter banana bread and a smoothie for breakfast
  4. Reviewed my Brazilian story for work tomorrow.
    Welcome to Texas de Brazil. My name is Marissa and I'll be one of your many servers. Can I start you off with a bottle or Saratoga spring, Saratoga sparking or ice water this evening? Have you dined with us before?
  5. Showered and straightened my hair for the first time in months. Then fishtailed my hair.
  6. Ate some delicious lunch
    A veggie sammy on a pumpernickel bagel with some potato salad. Nom
  7. Ventured off to go shopping for new work clothes and shoes with my sister
  8. Went to Kohls and Payless and famous footwear and old navy
    Spent over an hour and a half in kohls too because everything is so cute. Since when does kohls have cute young adult looking apparel? Ps. Famous footwear was a disappointment
  9. Ventured to old navy
    Had to get some two-fitty flip flops because some youngin stole mine at a party this past weekend. Rude. So I bought two pairs 😌
  10. Bargain shopped like a BAMF
    Saved $78 at kohls and $24 at Payless and bought two new pairs of black pants and new work shoes plus a pair of burkenstock sandals I wanted. And a new shirt. And a $3 headband.
  11. Starbucks run of course
    Tall Java chip frap. Regretful decision because I got a stomach ache.
  12. Came home and talked to Andy
  13. Waited for dinner to be ready
    Only to find out mother was going to yoga and I was in charge of making the chicken for Greek salad tonight. Grr
  14. Attempted to play sims 4 after dinner but can't log on because of the lack of wifi
  15. And now I'm waiting for Andy to come over and might go on a walk.