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Hey list! Long time, no see. Here is my cute niece Mila Rae. My sister and her husband had a deal that any boy in their family would have a middle name based off his family and the girls would have a middle name based off our family. Mila gets to share my middle name 😍😍😍
  1. After her first bath
  2. 12 hours of life must've been rough
  3. Her big brother is a little obsessed with her as well
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Because I'm preparing for the inevitable. I'll take any and all recommendations
  1. Mine - Phoebe Ryan
  2. Hell No - Ingrid Michaelson
  3. Yes Girl - Bea Miller
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I don't know what to feel right now.
  1. I'm learning that love is a choice. I can love someone with all my heart, but it's not always enough.
    I want it to be enough.
  2. He has become my version of coming home.
    I don't know a place that feels like home right now.
  3. He's an amazing person, that isn't the issue.
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(Hello list, I still silently stalk you every little while)
  1. That thing I shouldn't talk about because it'd make me a giant hypocrite
  2. But I want to talk about it
  3. Yet I can't
  1. Quit my job
    Because who needs to pay rent? Pssshhhh
  2. Become a flight attendant
    Sort of paid travel? Okay
  3. Make a sandwich
    It's lunch and I'm starving but also lazy
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I haven't listed in a while. Here's what I've been doing
  1. Creeping on Lukas Graham from the front row of his concert
  2. Setting up a party that raised over $4,000 for Mesothelioma awareness and advocacy
  3. Spending time with this amazing person who would sleep all day if I let him
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There are so many. It's not so much a specific memory as it is a place though. Thanks for the request @BWN_7!
  1. My family has always been big on camping, but when I was young, we would go almost every weekend.
  2. There was one place that was really special to us. Mill Hollow Resevoir
  3. You had to drive over a dam and if we timed it right, we could get spot #6. It was right across from the lake, was wide enough for tents to be next to the trailer and even have 2 trailers in one spot
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That's it. That's the whole lists and I'm really stoked about it because they're so damn versatile. Sometimes I make quality lists. Other times, this happens. Add more if you know them, because I need to make all of these.
  1. Baked potatoes
    Can still be made many, many ways.
  2. Funeral potatoes
    It's a total Utah thing but it's shredded potatoess, cheese, soup and cornflakes mixed with various things and tastes like a heart attack and heaven
  3. Tater tots
    Little pieces of potato shaped into a small potato and fried. Amazing
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Because I couldn't have asked for better
  1. Woke up in my boyfriend's house before 10. We stayed in bed talking and laughing until noon.
  2. Went to my friend's house straight from his. She made French toast and we watched The Black Cauldron as we ate.
  3. Came back to my apartment. Showered, watched How to Get Away With Murder and ate Mac and Cheese
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  1. Alt-J
    I chose them over Arctic Monkeys for list purposes and I have no regrets
  2. Bebe Rexha
  3. Chainsmokers in September 😁
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