I'm always down for trying new things! And then never doing them ever again.
  1. Softball
    Oh those were the days. I basically played because my sisters did, and hated every minute of it. I was a decent player when I wasn't playing with the grass or dirt though. 5 years
  2. Basketball
    My sisters liked sports therefore I was forced to play them. I actually liked basketball, but I made a total of four shots total. I also hold the Jr. Jazz record for getting the most fouls in one game without the referees recognizing. If you were wondering. It was seven. 5 years
  3. Modeling/Acting
    Another thing my mom made me do. I was the busiest 6 year old you ever saw. I got a call back for an Oscar Meyer commercial and fucked up the lyrics to "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener". I didn't get the part.
  4. Computer Programming
    I tried and failed so hard. I can't understand computers to save my life. This is the only computer I could work properly.
  5. Bat girl
    Unfortunately, not the superhero. After I quit softball, I was that girl who ran on the field to grab bats people threw after they hit. I traveled with my sister's team, but I would've rather played around the field than do work.
  6. Gardening
    I kill all plants. I used to try to help my grandma and then I'd kill her plants. There have been a few times where my family would be out of town and I'd kill their plants. I'm not meant for the gardening life.
  7. Hiking
    I live in a state surrounded by beautiful mountains, yet I have to be talked into going up one. Is there a tram or a lift that won't force me to climb up anything? Count me in. I don't even own proper hiking shoes. In this picture, I'm hiking in old Converse. So pro.
  8. Doing Hair
    Actual picture from a time I thought I was good at doing hair and tried to do my friends all the time. You can see why I quit, and why I mostly have a my hair in a messy bun.
  9. Skiing
    I thought I was so good at skiing when I was 8. I'd finally moved onto the easy slopes and felt like a badass. Then I managed to break my nose with my own skiing pole. I think I've only been a few times since.
  10. Fashion
    This is probably the fanciest outfit I've ever owned. Everything is so on point, I can't handle it. I killed it before I started dressing myself.