I've been dying my hair since I was 11. That's half of my life. Here are some hairdos over the past year
  1. Currently: ignore the Christmas tree on my head. Blonde-ish with remnants of copper because I don't want to bleach the whole thing
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  2. I worked the blonde on slowly. Back when I still had copper roots a few months ago.
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  3. I was obsessed with copper this summer. And highlighter on my face.
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  4. Yes, my bangs were blonde. We'll get there.
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  5. Whoop, der it is. I don't know why I thought this or my lob were good ideas. (May?)
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  6. Blonde bands with less blonde- pre lob.
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  8. I keep switching back and forth between copper and blonde. I can't stick to one thing. Dec 2014?
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  9. I legit wouldn't be surprised if these look the same to you all
  10. This entire list is irrelevant
  11. But ~hair~
  12. Ans we won't talk about my purple/blonde hair