Apparently I need to continually remind people about my schedule to avoid having the police called
  1. I got off work early today because I had a hair appointment. One I've been excited for all week, and telling everyone about.
    I just really like getting my hair done.
  2. Well my mom is throwing a party tomorrow and originally I told her I'd help her get ready for it today, at least until I remembered my hair appointment. Then I told her I'd just be over later tonight to help.
  3. I also told my dad
  4. My sister
  5. And my friends
  6. Yet somehow EVERYONE forgot
  7. It started with this
    Image Stop it, mom...... I'm 22........ Please
  8. Then this from my cousin
    Who took it upon herself to call my bosses and ask if they knew where I was. HA HAHA HAHAHAH HAHA 😡
  9. Then this from my sister
    Shoutout to her for messaging the kid I was dating who I no longer talk to. THANKS KATIE
  10. Then it finally dawned on my dad
  11. After all my friends were messaged asking if they knew where I was
  12. Literally everyone forgot
  13. I came back to 8 missed calls, 15 texts, 3 Facebook messages and 2 snapchats
  14. My phone was sitting on a counter on silent for 3 HOURS
  15. I basically had to go through my entire phone book to let everyone know I was alive as the hair dye was sitting in my hair
  16. I know they did all this because they care
  17. But holy shit
  18. WHY
  19. This'll be fun to explain to my bosses tomorrow. I'm a supervisor whose mom keeps tabs on her apparently.
  20. And I also get to explain to everyone that I'm no longer dating that one guy
  21. SO FUN
  24. Otherwise everyone will assume you're dead as you're chilling with bleach in your hair
  25. Edit: I should probably add that this isn't the first time it's happened. The first time was a couple years ago, when I lived on the other side of the state from my mom. I was napping for 2 hours and didn't have my phone, so she called the cops and made my friend bang on my door until I woke up.
  26. And this keeps getting funnier to my friends
  27. Point made
    Their reactions after I told them my sister messaged the guy I'm no longer dating. 😬