1. Not a ton of people know this but I moved out when I was 17 to live with my sister and friends, and moved back home at 19 to save money
    Aka I ran out of money and had student loans to start paying back.
  2. The plan was to stay a year and a half, but right when that time frame came close to an end, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3/4 cancer in her pleural wall
    Mesothelioma is an asshole
  3. Both of my sisters were married so it made sense for me to stay to take care of her, since my dad told me he couldn't do it on his own
    He travels for work and though he traveled less, he couldn't stop traveling entirely.
  4. She has now been considered NED (no evidence of disease) for 2 months. Her cancer isn't gone but she's mostly independent now and doesn't really need me
    And I've started to feel slightly like a burden though she says I'm welcome to stay
  5. Along with that, my oldest sister moved back home because she's getting a divorce. 😔
    (Tbh he sucked and didn't deserve her but seeing her sad makes me sad)
  6. I'm finally in a position where I can afford my own apartment and submitted an application on Friday for a cute little one bedroom in the city
    It wasn't the best, but I walked in and felt at home.
  7. That was a huge step for me, and today I found out that I my application was accepted! I sign the lease tomorrow!!!
  8. I spend every weekend and friend's houses, but now I'll be able to actually have them over!
    And make dinners and whatnot!
  9. Though it going to be weird living completely alone, I know I'll be okay.
    ALL the personal alarm systems will be installed though.
  10. I don't really have a clue how to adult and do all of this and pay rent but I'm going to figure it out and I couldn't be more excited
  11. Here are more happy gifs for my enjoyment
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