Some people got pictures with Matt Damon while I on the other hand, walked by all these people and didn't say a word.
  1. Allison Janney
    In my uncle's condo building, talking to some people
  2. Jenny Slate
    Walking down Main Street with a friend. I froze, forgot her name, and didn't say anything.
  3. Danny Devito
    At least I'm 80% sure he was the short, bald guy that almost hit me with his car as I aimlessly wandered through a neighborhood
  4. The dad from Lizzie McGuire
    Cutting around a line
  5. The dorky lawyer from Legally Blonde
    We walked across the street together. Turns out he's a director now. Bravo.
  6. Some producer who said his movie is going to be huge
  7. John Legend
    Waved at me and jumped into a Black Suburban. I was only there because his security guys were blocking my way back to my uncle's place. John Made me 30 minutes late.