Because sometimes, it blows. Prepare for requests ~
  1. Makeup artist
    I love doing makeup for other people and I'd like to learn more like working with different skin tones, types, face shapes, etc.
  2. Non-profit to help victims of sex trafficking
    So many people these days are kept as slaves in the sex trade. 😔
  3. Zookeeper
    I just want to play with a baby panda
  4. Wildlife conservationist
    If people could stop shooting bears illegally and killing the forest, that would be great
  5. Nurse Practictioner
    I know nothing about what this would entail. All I know is my NP is awesome and I want to be her when I grow up.
  6. Bookstore owner
    Being back the paperback! I just can't handle kindles and love the smell of books.
  7. Cruise performer.
    I don't know what I'd actually do in my performance but chilling on a boat for a couple months would be cool.