I keep writing lists but not posting them, so now you get a list of lists. I want to see yours too! Feel free to post your own list of lists
  1. Cool things about dating your best friend
  2. Potatoes
  3. Things that were wrong with the How I Met Your Mother Finale
  4. How cancer affected my family
  5. Pictures I'll never post to Facebook
  6. The story of the Kraken and how it escaped
  7. I don't know what I'm doing 99% of the time
  8. I was a Catholic growing up in a Mormon state and it was weird
  9. Yesterday's dose of reality
  10. Guys I've dated and why things ended, arranged by the nicknames my friends gave them
  11. What I've learned from dating a series of asshats
  12. Me, by the numbers
  13. I really love Judy Garland and you should too
  14. Make-up reviews: MASCARA EDITION
  15. I'm sad and it makes no sense
  16. Random pictures on my phone that I won't give you an explanation for
  17. My top 10 songs
  18. Signs of domestic violence and what you can do to help
  19. How to be an adult