I've never been good at this
  1. Brett Favre
    Two years in a row. My dad really wanted a son.
  2. Witch
    I've probably been a witch at least 3 times. I do a lot of repeat costumes
  3. ??????
    I wore black clothes and painted my face. Goth? Witch? Ghost? I don't think I knew back then. That lipstick on my teeth was super cool...
  4. Scarecrow
    Made this costume out of laziness and a lot of eyeliner
  5. Again, ????
    I remember wearing this costume but have no idea what I was???
  6. Ice princess
    And by ice princess I mean I was on blue crutches, had a tiara, white dress, and a hell of a lot of glitter.
  7. Clown
    I was the creepiest thing ever. Back when I was 4 and my mom thought it was cute.
  8. Clown Part 2
    Obviously I didn't last long in this one. Here I am, two hours later with half of my makeup wiped off and eating Cheetos
  9. Someone send help
    I don't know how to Halloween