Because sometimes you've got to enjoy the little things
  1. Eat at a 50's style diner
    Don't forget the milkshake
  2. Make a blanket. It can't be that hard.
  3. Buy a matching bathroom decor set.
  4. Delete Facebook
  5. Paint a room in my place blue.
  6. Find a really good parking spot in Sugarhouse
    It's probably be worth it to leave my car there for days.
  7. Read every book on my book shelf.
    I do this thing where I buy them and then I buy more than I can keep up with on reading.
  8. Walk down Main Street downtown at night.
  9. Make my winged eyeliner even.
    Even if it's just for one day.
  10. Learn how to make a damn good Cosmo
    And learn what the hell it is.