That's it. That's the whole lists and I'm really stoked about it because they're so damn versatile. Sometimes I make quality lists. Other times, this happens. Add more if you know them, because I need to make all of these.
  1. Baked potatoes
    Can still be made many, many ways.
  2. Funeral potatoes
    It's a total Utah thing but it's shredded potatoess, cheese, soup and cornflakes mixed with various things and tastes like a heart attack and heaven
  3. Tater tots
    Little pieces of potato shaped into a small potato and fried. Amazing
  4. Shoestring fries
    The crunchier the better
  5. Potato chips
    For when you need your potatoes on the go
  6. Mashed potatoes
    Creamy potatoes
  7. Hashbrowns
    Shredded potato
  8. Curly fries
    Fries that are curly. Even fries are super versatile?
  9. Steak fries
    Best with the skin is left on and they're a little crunchy
  10. Twice baked potatoes
    Not to be confused with a baked potato. It's baked twice.
  11. Potato soup
    There was this little sandwich shop that made the best potato and cheese soup when I was growing up.
  12. Potato wedges
    Best day in elementary were potato wedge Friday's
  13. Au gratin potatoes
    Potatoes and cheese. My two favorite things
  14. Tater tot casserole
    I know this could fall under tater tots but it needed its own category
  15. Latkes
    Fried potato pancakes of deliciousness
  16. Roasted red potatoes
    Garlic. You're welcome.
  17. Scalloped potatoes
    Similar to au gratin but not
  18. Potato skins
    The best part of the potato, just for you.
  19. Croqueta
    Fried potatoes and things
  20. Potato salad
    If you call it a salad then it has to be healthy, right?
  21. Gnocchi
    Is it pasta? Is it potato?
  22. Potatoes Anna. Pomme d'Anna
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  23. Hassleback potatoes
    Suggested by   @LeahG
  24. Waffle fries
    Suggested by   @LeahG
  25. Mozzarella bacon potato cake
    A restaurant near me makes these and they are the most amazing things ever.
    Suggested by   @LeahG
  26. Boiled Potatoes
    Foundation of the Irish Diet
    Suggested by   @Kee_mcg
  27. Potato Bread Rolls
    Seriously the best rolls I have ever made. Recipe can be found at http://www.eatthelove.com/2016/01/potato-rolls/
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  28. French Fries
    An egregious error that this was left off the list. Not shoestring. Not curly. Straight up plain French Fries. They are a staple of my diet.
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  29. Lefse, a Norwegian potato flatbread
    You eat it warm with butter and brown sugar and cinnamon! Best made with leftover mashed potatoes!
    Suggested by   @julieann718