This will only include Salt Lake and not the suburbs. I also excluded microbreweries (though I love them) and ones I haven't been to. There are so many left out of this, but it's a good place to start.
  1. 14.
    No. I've been here 3 times and each time has been a disaster. It smells weird, the bathrooms are awful, and this is where the super drunk people go after they've been kicked out of every other bar. I will say, the staff is nice.
  2. 13.
    Red Door
    They specialize in overpriced martinis. Drinks are good, but the atmosphere is weird. Last time I went, they played EDM loudly but there was no dance floor. There's also gargoyles and Che Guevara as decor. It's weird. Steer clear.
  3. 12.
    Frat boy type hangout. This is a decent place for pool or darts, and usually has a younger crowd. If you like a sportier type place, this is for you. Not my style.
  4. 11.
    Bourbon House
    Great selection of drinks but to be honest, it was better before the remodel. It looks nicer but there's always weird music that is too loud, and the layout is a little weird. I'd give it another try though. Drink prices are reasonable.
  5. 10.
    Another place I'm iffy on. Pizzeria by day and dance club by night? The music is usually great, as are the drinks. However, the dance floor is weird and it's become a guido type hangout, and it's usually a sausage fest.
  6. 9.
    I've never been here when it's packed, but that's what I like about it. It's a chill sports bar, and people of all ages go. I recommend the gin Ricky and Darts. I'd recommend going with a crowd. It's not a place for a couple of people to go hang out and meet new people.
  7. 8.
    Keys on Main
    It's usually pretty crowded so it's hard to get a table, but drink prices aren't bad and there's always good entertainment. Go with a group here.
  8. 7.
    The Bayou
    Huge beer selection and Cajun food. What more do you want? I'd recommend it more as a dinner place than late-night bar. It's amazing though.
  9. 6.
    Bar X
    Connected to Beer Bar, with the same owners. However, it makes you feel like you walked into an old school bar. Straight up class and classic cocktails to go along with it.
  10. 5.
    Whiskey Street
    Another place with good food and a great atmosphere! Honestly, it's one of my favorites but it tends to be overcrowded and its narrow as well. It was knocked down simply because once you're in a spot, you can't leave.
  11. 4.
    Beer Bar
    So many beers to choose from that I can't handle myself. It's a chill place to grab a beer and maybe watch a game. It's also owned by a guy in Modern Family and people always have stories of running into him there.
  12. 3.
    New and slightly hipster-ish but it's amazing. No dancing, but it's a great place to hang out and you can usually talk to people without yelling over the music. It looks like an old steam room and the drinks are cheap.
  13. 2.
    Lucky 13
    Where I go for my birthday every year since I've turned 21. (AKA twice). The drinks are great and the burgers are better. I have a deep love for their bartender since he introduced me to shocktop mixed with rum and orange juice. Bless that man.
  14. 1.
    Food is A+. Dancing is A+. Music with DJ Chaseone2 is A+. That other DJ is weird but we won't let that change this. It's always worth the $5 cover fee to dance and hang out on the patio for the night.