At 50 years old, he has a lot of pride.
  1. Watching Pitch Perfect with a giant grin by himself.
    I walked in and he immediately changed the channel, and now says that never happened and he hates that movie.
  2. Loving my dog
    He will say he hates him, but lets him sit on his lap every morning as he reads the paper
  3. Ending his first date with my mom by saying "Mee Meep. Bye now!"
    Because he and his friends were apparently really into Roadrunner quotes in the early 80's.
  4. Graduating high school by the skin of his ass.
    He's one of the smartest people I know, and didn't give 2 shits back then. He would have rather worked and drank beer with his buddies.
  5. Getting really good grades in college.
    He got his degree when I was 8. He went to school full time while working full time and raising 3 young girls. I'm convinced he used a time-turner.
  6. Being a total ladies man back in the day.
    Held his high school's weight lifting title but didn't play a single sport. Wore a brown leather jacket, bright blue eyes, and rode a motorcycle.
  7. His love for Adele
    He bought her new album before I did and offered to burn it for me too.
  8. Any time he thinks a female celebrity is cute
    For the straight up fear of me reminding him that they're around my age. Also why I don't tell him I find George Clooney attractive.
  9. How badly he wants to meet every guy I go on a single date with.
    I'm the youngest and don't feel comfortable bringing a guy to meet my parents unless we're serious. My other two sisters usually had their first dates at our house. They were weird.
  10. That one time he stole shoes from Sears and got caught
    My grandma tells me everything.
  11. Last but not least, what a big heart he has.