... but probably should
  1. Drunk bowling?
  2. ~who am I~
    A girl who is rocking it.
  3. I just saw someone post an article about how you can make a chocolate mold of your butthole. I asked Nick if he would eat it and he said "fuck yeah!"
    Probably not going to reply to this one tbh.
  4. Lmao you keep that junk in yo trunk gurrrlll!! 😂
    Literally talking about stuff in the trunk of my car.
  5. Don't say Hi, Riss!!
    I didn't.
  6. Hey what are you doing Thursday night at 8? And can you do barre with your foot yet?
  7. How is your mom feeling?
    She's aight.
  8. We also need creamer and Toby has a diaper on.
    Grocery list and a dog who pees in the house.
  9. Let's plan it
    We did, eventually.
  10. I just wanted to make sure you guys weren't going
    I thought sleeping was a better idea.
  11. Sweet! What'd ya get?
    A pretty cool guitar.
  12. Yea for sure! Let's figure something out soon! It was good to meet you too. holy crap that was crazy:)
    Making friends at bars is my specialty.
  13. Well you are a better person than I.
    I already knew that, asshole.
  14. Good. How was your day yesterday
    Repetitive since I got this text all the time for 5 months.
  15. Awe thanks, it's nice so far :)
    That's great and all, but I was almost hoping that it wasn't.
  16. Please stop this.
    I said too much.