First was this list request from @BWN_7 👍
  1. Any bottle of Innocent Bystander Moscato that I open
    Wine of the gods. No, I will not share.
  2. The entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody when it comes on the radio, and it must be sung out loud and in different voices
    If someone joins in with me, I'll keep them forever
  3. My sentence once I start talking.
    If I get interrupted, I will awkwardly finish after everyone already forgot what I was talking about.
  4. A tube of Chapstick, if I stop losing the damn things
    Where do they all go??? Even the EOS ones??? Those should be hard to lose!
  5. A bowl of ice cream, regardless of size. If I served it, I will conquer! Unless it melts first.
    I will not finish ice cream soup
  6. A book. It'll take me some time and I'll stop and start but eventually, I will get there.
    And sometimes wonder why I did that.