I probably won't but it's the thought that counts, right? Feel free to make guides for any of these life lessons.
  1. Playing more than "My Heart Will Go On" on the piano
    My old babysitter only had the Titanic song book on her baby grand.
  2. How to make my French braids looks cute and not like I haven't washed my hair in 3 days
  3. How to answer texts in a timely manner
    There is currently a 48 hour waiting period before you may get a response.
  4. What chords get plugged into my TV and where?
    There are so many. Send help. The screen is black and white and I've given up.
  5. How to dress work appropriate
    Do leggings count as dress pants? Can I wear Toms with slacks? What counts as a 'blouse'???
  6. How to shop for lightbulbs and which ones can be used in my lamp.
    I went without half my bathroom lights for almost a year because I don't get this and I'm afraid I'm going to blow things up.
  7. How to do taxes???
    Does anyone actually understand this or are y'all just rolling with it?
  8. How to not run away when things get hard.
    Ohhh we're disagreeing? Excuse me as I sulk far away from you.
  9. What bras go with what shirts??
    There's a reason I only buy neutral colored bras. It makes it easy.
  10. How to adult
    I would like a book with steps and pictures. Please and thank you.