1. When someone is sick and won't let me take care of them, so I don't get sick
  2. When I have a friend trying to get over someone and I don't know how to help them
  3. When I try to help someone and it goes really, really wrong
  4. Watching flowers slowly die in a vase
  5. Dinner for 1
  6. Seeing anyone cry
  7. No goodbye hug
  8. When a book ends in a cliffhanger but it's not part of a series so there is no real end
  9. When you ask for help and no one comes
  10. Running into someone you used to know well, and acting as though they're any regular stranger
  11. Reading mean comments on the internet
  12. Knowing laundry needs to be done but not having the energy to do it
  13. When friends bail on you last minute and you were all ready to go
  14. Sad papaw