I've lived all over Utah, but this place is home 💕 avoid the tourist traps (we have very few)
  1. Hike up Ensign Peak
    It's a pretty easy hike behind the state Capitol, and if you don't want to go all the way up then there's a great viewpoint that takes maybe 100 steps to get to from the parking lot.
  2. Grab Brunch at Oasis Cafe
    They have vegan and vegetarian options if that floats your boat. They make a damn good breakfast sandwich and rosemary lemonade. Plus, there's a book store attached. 😍
  3. Take the tram up to the mountain top
    Not really in SLC but it overlooks the entire valley. i just went up there a few months ago and they were building a cafe which makes it even better.
  4. Go to Ruth's Diner for whatever
    Brunch? Lunch? Dinner? A drink and snacks? Doesn't matter. This place is a god send. It's in the entrance to Emigration canyon and it's lovely
  5. Go to the Clark Plantarium
    They have legit light shows or movies that play on a screen that's on the ceiling. I don't know how to explain that. Just go.
  6. Want to go to a bar? Hit up Gracie's
    It's my personal favorite. It's right off of "bar row" so it's mostly locals. They have an awesome chef and menu during the day, and a great dance floor at night!
  7. Shop at Gateway Mall.
    Friends don't let friends go to City Creek. We have our reasons. Don't ask questions.
  8. You want to try local beer? Squatters 🙌
    Honestly, we have an awesome local selection of breweries but that's for another list. Squatter's wins for best Hefeweizen though.
  9. Want to feel sneaky for a night? The Bodega.
    The secret restaurant that everyone knows about. It's underneath a convenience store or something. They're by reservation only, and serve weird/good food
  10. Hit up Sam Weller's book store
    It's an SLC classic, right on main. Has basically been there forever and holds books you may not find anywhere else.
  11. Here during the summer? Check out the Twilight Concert Series
    It's $5 and you get to see some big names almost every Thursday during the summer. Worth it! Last year we had Best Coast, St. Vincent, Death Cab for Cutie and the Kills, among others.
  12. Down with chill concerts instead? Red Butte
    Take a moment to check out the beautiful red butte gardens and relax and drink wine while listening to your favorite artists. Bonus points: you bring your own chairs, food, and booze
  13. The obvious: skiing
    Winter is our tourism season. Celebs come here all winter and then again during Sundance to take over our slopes. I can't blame them entirely. They're pretty awesome