Because I couldn't have asked for better
  1. Woke up in my boyfriend's house before 10. We stayed in bed talking and laughing until noon.
  2. Went to my friend's house straight from his. She made French toast and we watched The Black Cauldron as we ate.
  3. Came back to my apartment. Showered, watched How to Get Away With Murder and ate Mac and Cheese
  4. Decided to discover the city around me. I meant to walk up the block and ended up walking over four miles and getting lost in a cemetery
  5. And saw this view
  6. Finally figured out where I was and started walking home, passing through a neighborhood of late 1800's houses that were well kept and it made me happy.
  7. My legs were tired when I got home since I live in the hills at the base of the mountain and it was basically a hike, so I went to bed. Which is where I am now.
  8. Not a bad Sunday if I say so myself
  9. After work tomorrow, I think I'll take another walk and show you guys all the pretty things I get to live around.