Please don't take this as an argument for/against current police politics and what not.
  1. The public either hates you or loves you
    And all I did was work in the office. If someone was arrested, guess who they yelled at? Moi.
  2. There will always be at least one super hot one.
    And if you're me, your first concern is figuring out if he's single. He wasn't. Dammit.
  3. There really is an old, grumpy cop in every department.
    He may have been grumpy but he taught me how to punch in self defense, and make a damn good cranberry sauce.
  4. Another typical personality you'll see is the young cop on a roll.
    Winning all sorts of awards but really shitty with paperwork. Could be reminded with sticky notes and candy grams.
  5. There's also the officer who hates his job. A lot.
    Easy to spot. He's the one hanging around the station to avoid being on the street, spending all day on an easy call, and tries to go on light duty all the time.
  6. Don't eat stuff given to you by random citizens.
    They may bring cookies to be nice, or to kill you. It's a theory none of us wanted to test. Smile, take the cookies, and throw them out. Sealed stuff is likely okay. Store bought is great.
  7. Nobody in the station watched crime shows
    Except for me, and it gets annoying when I know police procedure is being done wrong
  8. Everybody dates each other.
    I'm not kidding. Dispatch, office personnel, officers, etc. I worked at two departments. Dated an officer at each one. If you're single, you'll find someone in a local police department.
  9. Everyone also knows everyone else's business.
    Who you're dating, if you've got marriage troubles, if you came from a shitty family, if you're a secret freak, WE ALL KNOW.
  10. You'll get a very dark sense of humor
    Humor is the way we dealt with a lot of terrible situations. It sounds harsh but it's a coping mechanism.
  11. But mostly what I learned is that we were all a family
    They were there for me when my mom got sick. They bought me flowers when they knew I was sad. They introduced me to their kids and invited me into their personal lives
  12. I was scared all the time.
    These people were my family and friends. When one got hurt, we all backed them up. I was always afraid one of them would die with some of the situations they got into.
  13. I miss them.
    I got offered a position that was less stressful and more money, so I ran with it. It's just in a different department, but in a different building. They come to visit me sometimes but it's different once you're gone.
  14. Yesterday, an officer was shot and killed in my county. That could have been any one of my people.
    I didn't stop being scared. Leaving the PD took the stressful part away from my job, but it was already engrained into my life.