1. First I put the regular tart one in the bowl. This is serious business.
    It goes wth everything
  2. Mix it up with another flavor. Whatever you're feeling. I'm going with cake batter.
    Cake batter everything ~
  3. Cover that bowl in mini gummy bears
    Everything tastes better when it comes in a mini size. I don't know why. Just roll with it.
  4. And mini sour gummy worms
  5. White chocolate chips too 😍
  6. Blueberries all up on that
  7. Boba? Boba 💕
    It's a weird explosion of deliciousness in your mouth
  8. Mango, cut to perfection
    Have you tried cutting a mango? It's difficult
  9. Strawberries!!!
  10. Mix that all together and make sure there's a yogurt condiment in every bite of that amazing frozen great from heaven
  11. I'd show a picture, but I already ate it. 😞