1. First I put the regular tart one in the bowl. This is serious business.
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    It goes wth everything
  2. Mix it up with another flavor. Whatever you're feeling. I'm going with cake batter.
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    Cake batter everything ~
  3. Cover that bowl in mini gummy bears
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    Everything tastes better when it comes in a mini size. I don't know why. Just roll with it.
  4. And mini sour gummy worms
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  5. White chocolate chips too 😍
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  6. Blueberries all up on that
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  7. Boba? Boba 💕
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    It's a weird explosion of deliciousness in your mouth
  8. Mango, cut to perfection
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    Have you tried cutting a mango? It's difficult
  9. Strawberries!!!
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  10. Mix that all together and make sure there's a yogurt condiment in every bite of that amazing frozen great from heaven
  11. I'd show a picture, but I already ate it. 😞