I supervise a woman 3 times my age and she's the coolest. If I wasn't her boss, I'd adopt her as my grandma.
  1. Recipes
    She has the best apple fritters ever and was willing to share the recipe. It's not actually a secret since she got it out of a magazine but she plays on the "family secret"
  2. Coloring books
    We got adult coloring books from Barnes and Noble. I prefer to color mandalas while she likes the scenic pictures or ones with animals.
  3. The guy in the office behind our desks
    When I caught him in a lie about his schedule and got upset, she guilt tripped him until he apologized and brought me candy. She's a gem.
  4. Her husband's second house
    She says if they lived together 24/7 she would probably kill him, so he lives in a trailer on the other side of the state most of the time.
  5. What's for dinner?
    If she's not making something for her husband or her daughter when they visit, she usually eats popcorn or KFC
  6. How to handle rude customers
    Me: "that lady just tried telling me I needed anti-aging cream. I have baby face. That makes no sense. Did I suddenly age today?" Her: "No. Did you make sure to tell her she looked like shit?" 😂
  7. Where to buy decent furniture
    "Don't buy any of that ikea shit for your apartment. A good couch will last you twenty years!"
  8. Being an adult
    "I'm 66 and have a husband who is retired and keeps buying toys like 4 wheelers. Who gets stuck with that insurance? Me. Im never going to retire."
  9. Getting what you want
    "If you ask for a printer and they don't give it to you, bug them until they do. They have the money, they're just being stingy."
  10. So much more
  11. I like her
  12. I think I'll keep her