Thank you to @Lalazany for the request 💗 I decided to make this list a reminder to everyone, for there are things that everyone needs to hear.
  1. For starters, you are beautiful and brave.
  2. You are stronger than you could ever imagine
    And each rough patch you go though will only prove your strength
  3. You are loved more than you know
    And you deserve the highest level of love.
  4. You are a gift
    And the world wouldn't be the same without you
  5. You are amazing
    Just the way you are, and don't need to change into what others may want you to be
  6. And if you're ever at a point where you think no one cares
    Please know that I do, regardless of who you are or if we've met yet. I do.
  7. You all deserve to have a lovely day.
    And though there are days that aren't so lovely, that only means your days will get better from that point on.
  8. Thank you for existing
  9. And just for being You.