A girl can dream
  1. I can afford to live in a non-rapey Manhattan neighborhood on a teacher's salary
    By myself, with ample closet space, and renovated kitchen/bathroom plz
  2. I will find use for a choreographed dance in the near future
    Currently seeking dance battle challengers
  3. I am capable of taking care of a pet
    If I could handle giga pets in '95 I can handle anything
  4. My dream guy will come into my life by knocking on my door while I'm eating snacks and watching Netflix
    And then we will love each other and eat snacks together forever
  5. OR we will meet in the bacon aisle of the grocery store
    A meaty meeting if you will
  6. I can finish my book club books by Sunday
    I'm just gonna drink up and slip under the radar
  7. I can pull off 4-day-old dirty hair
    Dry shampoo is my natural musk
  8. I don't look as white as I actually am when I rap the new Kendrick Lamar album
    I see it as more of an out-of-body experience than a blonde chick thinkin she gangsta