I'm so vanilla 🍦
  1. "You know, I'm just not a fan of Starbucks green tea."
  2. "I don't see the problem with Drake's dance moves...or turtleneck."
  3. "He texted me TGIMFF. I think that stands for thank god it's motha fuckin Friday..."
  4. "I finally met my neighbor with the 'Bye Felicia' doormat!"
  5. "Wow, that's a great looking tree."
  6. "I'm seriously stressed about my Halloween costume situation!"
  7. "I'm going to Michael's (craft store), anyone need anything?!?"
  8. "Whaaaaat?!! How can my uber rating possibly be a 3.3...that's worse than my freshman year gpa!"
  9. "I've got my apple picking boots on!"