I need help, people
  1. Start a grill
    Think eyebrows off fleek
  2. Blow dry my hair using a round brush
    YouTube tutorials are of no help...how does Lauren Conrad do it?!?
  3. Take a decent-looking candid photo
    Pictures of me on the dance floor at friends' weddings are the reason I'm never offered a plus one
  4. Put on a bra by clasping it in the back
    All over the head action for this girl...one of my more seductive morning after moves
  5. Replace a car headlight
    Seems simple enough, but I drove over 6 months without one headlight...my car legit had a lazy eye
  6. Respond to a text from a cute guy without sending a screenshot to my girlfriends
    It takes a village, people
  7. Floss regularly
    Shout out to my dental hygienist for picking up my slack once every 6 months
  8. Cook something on the stove without burning the sh*t out of it
    Instagram usually gets really interesting around dinner time and get a little sidetracked...okay?!?