1. "Mark, are you older than my grandpa?"
    Rude, you think your grandpa has hair like this?
  2. "Mark, when do we get to go home?"
    Never! We're keeping you here forever
  3. "Mark, why are your hands so small?"
    They just are!! It's a sensitive subject
  4. "Mark, what game are we playing?"
  5. "Mark, how come you picked them to be it?"
    Obviously they were the quietest
  6. "Mark, can I jump on your back?"
    Is this a question or are you just telling me what's about to happen? Because I will buck you off like a bronco
  7. "Mark when is snack time?
    You were dropped off 2 minutes ago! I can still see your parents!!
  8. "Mark! How come you never pick me?"
    Well, because you're a jerk
  9. "Mark, what would happen if I just poured my juice box on you?"
    Don't make me call your mother!
  10. "Mark, why is this bug so weird?"
    Not weird, just different
  11. "Mark, why are some people just meanies?"
    I wonder that all the time kid